Smesh is more than just the supplier of the SmeshGear license. Our goal is to make each SmeshGear work properly within your application. SmeshGear is often customised and fully tailored to your wishes and requirements for the performance of your (electric) motor. We therefore gladly guide the development of each SmeshGear and advise you on a technical level in this development process. With our technical knowledge we control the development and construction process to ensure that the end product delivers what it promises. This can be done at our own supplier or through already known partners of us. Together we look at a desirable solution.

Our organisation consists of two companies.

Smesh BV (Devotes itself to publishing and managing the user licenses of the SmeshGear principle)

SmeshWorks! BV (Devotes itself to the development of specific applications, which we supervise from design to construction, testing and certification.)