SmeshGear is a transmission that can be switched under full load and can be used for every drive shape and size.

The unique aspect of the SmeshGear is not the transmission itself, but the way in which it changes gears. SmeshGear can be used on a small electric motor of a compressor but also in a hydroelectric turbine.

The big advantage is the high efficiency retention. 136.6 kW in is also 136.6 kW out. That means a return of 100% in the 1:1 position. In the reduction position 97.6% and higher is usual. For example, with a SmeshGear the range and the speed range of an engine is considerably increased. This is currently particularly interesting for electric transport. A good example of this is the STORM electric motorcycle that drove around the world in 80 days.

  • Less energy usage

  • Significant action radius increase

  • Larger speed range

  • Bigger torque

  • Extended physical life battery


Almost every machine and almost every vehicle acts at different speeds. Every engine, combustion engine but also electric motor has an ‘ideal’ speed range: the engine is the strongest and/or most efficient. That area is different at 100% load than, for example, at 60% load.

When pulling away, the greatest power should be on the wheels. Fortunately, the electric motor is at its strongest there! Is that right? Yes, but unfortunately not strong enough. There will have to be a mechanical delay. The downside of that delay is that the top speed is lower. The high yield area unfortunately suffers much more.

If we can ensure that the two areas of work, driving off and ‘at speed’, both have their own delay, that already solves a lot. This is what the SmeshGear does. In fact, wherever starting power and speed fight over which is most important, SmeshGear jumps in to help. So for a car, truck, machine that is heavy, a big printing press and much more.


Jacks turn a small force into a big one. A gear is actually a rotating lever and makes a small turning force, a great force (torque). When you drive away, a compact gear system ensures that there is a large turning and thus driving force. And does so without overloading the electric motor, which is better for the life of the electric motor. The SmeshGear then ensures that this gear system is ‘switched off’, after which a high (vehicle and/or machine) speed can be achieved without any loss of gear. This deactivation (but also switching on) of the compact gear system is normally done during running, either under full machine load and/or vehicle acceleration. In practice you feel almost nothing.

What can Smesh do for you?

Smesh BV is license holder of the eponymous patent. Smesh BV develops your SmeshGear, tailored for your transmissions and any desired application. Smesh BV can also take care of the production of the SmeshGear for you. With our technical knowledge we control the development and construction process to ensure that the end product delivers what it promises.

Smesh is more than just the supplier of the SmeshGear license. Our goal is to make every SmeshGear work well within your application. SmeshGear is often customised and fully tailored to your wishes and requirements for the performance of your (electric) motor. We therefore gladly supervise the development of each SmeshGear and advise you on a technical level in this development process. With our technical knowledge we control the development and construction process to ensure that the end product delivers what it promises. This can be done at our own supplier or through already known partners of us. Together we look for a desirable solution.