SmeshGear is a transmission that can be switched under full load and can be used for every drive shape and size.

SmeshGear is a transmission that can be shifted under full load. It can be used in vehicles of all shapes and sizes.

The unique aspect of the SmeshGear is not the transmission itself, but the way in which it changes gears.

The big advantage is the high efficiency. 136.6 kW in is also 136.6 kW out. That means a return of 100% in the 1:1 position. In the reduction position an efficiency of 97.6% and higher is usual. Besides that, the fact that the torque of the electric motor is multiplied by a gear reduction and not by boosting the electric motor saves a lot of energy. Lastly, the speed range of an electric vehicle isn’t limited by the rpm range of the electric motor anymore. A great example of this is the STORM electric motorcycle that travelled the world in 80 days using a Smesh Gear.

  • Less energy usage

  • Significant action radius increase

  • Larger speed range

  • Bigger torque

  • Extended physical life battery


Almost every machine and almost every vehicle acts at different speeds. Every motor, combustion engine but also electric motor has an ‘ideal’ speed range: the engine is the strongest and/or most efficient. That area is different at 100% load than, for example, at 60% load.

When pulling away, the greatest power should be on the wheels. Fortunately, the electric motor is at its strongest there! Is that right? Yes, but unfortunately not strong enough. There has to be a mechanical reduction. The downside of that reduction is that the top speed is lower. Besides that, the high efficiency area is shifted to a suboptimal position.

If we can ensure that the two areas of work, driving off and ‘at speed’, both have their own
gear reduction, that already solves a lot. This is what the SmeshGear does. In fact, wherever starting power and speed fight over which is most important, SmeshGear jumps in to help.


Levers turn a small torque into a larger torque. Gears are actually rotating levers and thus create a bigger torque. When you drive off, a compact gear system ensures that there is a high torque applied to the wheels. The torque of the electric motor is multiplied by a gear reduction without the need to boost the electric motor. Not having to boost the electric motor ensures a long lifespan of the electric motor. When the vehicle is up to speed the Smesh Gear shift to high gear under full load and without loss of power delivery to the wheels. The gear reduction is switched off and no longer has mechanical losses. This ensures that both a high starting torque and an efficient cruise speed can be achieved. Switching gears is done in such a manner that the driver won’t feel anything.

What can Smesh do for you?

Smesh helps you make your vehicles drivetrain more efficient. This can be done by using an existing Smesh product or by developing a new type of Smesh Gear. Our goal is to make every SmeshGear work properly within your application. We engineer and produce the Smesh Gears.