De SmeshGear zorgde voor de
extra range die STORM nodig
had voor hun wereldreis
Door de SmeshGear aan de Trefecta e-bike
toe te voegen vergrootten ze hun range met 30%
Trekkracht, topsnelheid en actieradius
Smesh maakt de combinatie mogelijk

SmeshGear is the step in technology for which there is a great demand: mechanically changing gear without loss of profit and in a simple, straightforward and reliable way, resulting in better control and command over the machine. We have developed the SmeshGear transmission with which it is possible to tailor a motor by having the right power delivered at the right time. This technology is internationally patented.

Changing gear with a full load

Shock-free changing gear under full load.

Very compact design

There is no other solution on the market that has a smaller installation size with the same power and efficiency.

Manually or automatically changing gear

Both options are always possible and depend on the wishes of the client and/or user.

Highest possible performance

There is no solution on the market that is more efficient than the SmeshGear.

The SmeshGear helped us to cover the desired distance on 1 battery charge and also to be able to accelerate considerably. The power of 35 kW and torque of 120 Nm provide performance that you can expect from an engine. Efficient electric driving is within reach with this gearbox.

With many pleasure, Trefecta uses the Smeshgear in their high-end eBikes. By the application of the Smeshgear, we are able to put the optimal performance out of our particular eBikes.

SMESH has a lot of technical knowledge of transmissions and also a good pratical view. With this skills is it possible to make a fine product.

Studies accomplished by the HAN Mechanical Engineering shows that SmeshGear is the best alternative for the transmission of our E-buggy. This because of the relative simplicity, compact construction and the performances of the SmeshGear.

The SmeshGear is a fantastic product, partly due to the experience and the “down to earth” mentality of owner Leon Lauwers. ”The best and strongest tool is and will always be simplicity”.